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Crawfurd Hospital

19 Adam Road, Singapore 289891
Open 24 hours

Crawfurd Hospital originated from the operation and clinical team at Crawfurd Medical Clinic located in Suntec City. Bringing the expertise of community preventive health and patient-oriented care, our hospital serves to deliver the care you desire in its exquisite decor and ambiance. Our staff and clinics are always operational the moment you stepped into the hospital. We also deliver different health screening plans suited to your needs to help in detecting and treating underlying diseases early.

Our hospital also provides surgical, endoscopic expertise and procedures. Partnering with certified specialists, your medical health will always be prioritised and managed. Beyond medical care, our hospital strives to deliver the bespoke care you seek so that you no longer feel you are staying in a hospital.

Our Vision:

To be a leader in holistic specialist care

Our Mission:

1. To serve patients from our heart

2. To provide personalised care for our patients

3. To promote unity and communication between all levels of care

Key Services Offered

  • General Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pain Management


Opening Hours

Crawfurd Hospital opens 24 hours, Monday to Sunday, and on Public Holidays.