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Get Fit as a Family: 8 Fun Ways to Work Out Together and Bond

by Yuyu. Published on .

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to keep the whole family active can feel like a daunting task. With various commitments pulling everyone in different directions, it’s easy for exercise to fall by the wayside. Yet, staying active together is crucial for encouraging a healthy lifestyle and creating lasting family bonds.

This guide is packed with ideas that turn exercise into enjoyable, quality family time. These activities are designed to be fun and effective for boosting fitness, while also bringing everyone closer together. Whether you have toddlers, teenagers, elderly or somewhere in between, there’s something here for every member of the family. From backyard games to scenic bike rides, get ready to discover activities that will not only keep you fit but also bring your family closer together.

Ready to get moving and have some fun? Dive into these 8 exciting family fitness ideas that cater to all ages and interests. Let’s get started on this journey towards a healthier, happier family.

8 Fun Family Fitness Activities

Staying physically active provides a wide range of benefits for the entire family. Getting the whole family involved in exercise is a great way to promote bonding, have fun together, instill healthy habits in kids, and improve everyone's physical and mental wellbeing.

When families make physical activity a regular part of everyday life, it teaches children the importance of fitness from an early age. Exercising together allows kids to see their parents staying active, which sets a good example. Family fitness time also provides an opportunity for quality bonding in a healthy setting.

Fitness activities that involve the whole family can help improve cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance in family members of all ages. Group exercise helps motivate everyone in the family to stay active and makes fitness more enjoyable. It also allows family members to support each other in reaching fitness goals.

Incorporating fitness into family routines helps relieve stress, improve sleep quality, and boost energy levels. Exercising as a family is an easy way to incorporate more activity into busy schedules. Taking time for fitness allows families to put aside distractions and focus on spending quality time together.

1. Hiking and Nature Walks

Getting out into nature offers many benefits for the whole family. The fresh air provides a nice change of scenery and helps relieve stress and anxiety. Hiking and nature walks are also great opportunities for children to explore and learn.

Look for local hiking trails that are suitable for families. Make sure to choose a trail that is relatively flat and short if you have younger kids. Bring snacks and water to keep the kids energized. Turn the hike into a fun learning experience by pointing out interesting plants and animals you see along the way. Kids can bring a nature journal to sketch things they find on the trail.

To make it more engaging for kids, plan a scavenger hunt for your family hike. Make a list of things to spot, like different types of trees, birds, mushrooms, and animals. See who can find the most items on the list and reward them at the end. This will keep kids focused as they hike. You can also play games like I Spy to keep everyone interested in their surroundings.

Make frequent stops along your hike. This allows little kids to take breaks and prevents them from getting too tired. Find a nice spot to sit down and have a snack or play a quick game before continuing your walk. Taking the time to appreciate nature will be a rewarding experience for the whole family.

2. Dancing Together

Dancing is a fun activity that provides many physical and mental health benefits for the whole family. It gets everyone moving and grooving, and serves as a great cardio workout.

Father and daughter dancing
Photo by Josh Willink

There are many creative ways families can dance together:

  • Hold family dance parties in your living room! Let each family member take turns choosing songs and leading dance moves. You can use music videos or online dance tutorials to learn new steps together.

  • Attend a family dance or movement class in your community. Many dance studios offer family-friendly classes in styles like hip hop, salsa, ballet, and more. Moving together to the beat of the music will get your heart pumping.

  • Explore dance video games and apps like Just Dance. These provide guided dance routines and on-screen visuals that make it easy for young kids to follow along. Turn your gaming console into a family dance party!

  • Learn choreographed dances to popular songs. Work together to memorize fun dance moves and surprise your extended family by performing it at the next reunion!

The synchronized movements involved in dancing promote bonding. Laughing together as you try to learn new steps strengthens family relationships. Dancing as a form of exercise also provides mood-boosting endorphins and is a great stress reliever for kids and parents alike. It's an engaging activity that makes fitness fun for the whole family!

3. Backyard Games and Sports

Getting the whole family outside for some friendly competition is a great way to stay active. Backyard games and sports allow family members of all ages and abilities to play together. Plus, they provide some healthy competition!

Some backyard games that are fun for the entire family include:

  • Soccer - Get a popup net and ball and have a match! Adjust rules for younger kids.

  • Badminton - An easy to learn racket sport. Modify serving rules and court size for younger players.

  • Frisbee - Toss a disc back and forth or play catch. There's even disc golf if you have some space!

  • Tag games - Classic variations like freeze tag are fun at all ages. Come up with new versions together.

  • Obstacle courses - Set up a DIY course and have races. Adjust difficulty for each kid.

Make your own family field day with various games and races. Split into teams and have a tournament. Or, time family members in challenges and races. Award fun prizes at the end like "Most Spirited Player."

Get everyone engaged by letting the kids come up with backyard games too. Those that require little equipment are easy to set up. And be sure to include some co-op games where everyone works together.

Having active competitions and games in the backyard is an easy way to enjoy fitness as a family! Adjusting rules and difficulty makes it fun for all ages.

4. Family Yoga Sessions

Yoga is a great way for families to stay active and flexible while also promoting relaxation and bonding. The deep breathing and stretching involved in yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety in both kids, adults and even elderly. Practicing yoga together teaches children the importance of physical and mental health from an early age.

Yoga at home
Photo by Mikhail Nilov

Yoga is about promoting a healthy lifestyle together, not perfection. Keep the mood lighthearted as you strengthen your bodies and relationships.

There are many family-friendly yoga videos and routines available online that incorporate poses suitable for all ages and abilities. Look for beginner yoga classes that include simple poses like child's pose, cat/cow, and easy seated twists. Trying a few sessions of kids yoga can get young ones comfortable with the basics. Adults may want to take on more challenging balances and standing postures. Work together to create a fun routine that is engaging for everyone.

Make yoga bonding time by helping adjust each other's poses in a gentle, silly way. Let kids take the lead and teach poses too. End each session with a relaxing savasana while playing soft music. Establish a consistent schedule, like Saturday morning family yoga, to motivate one another.

5: Bike Rides

Riding bikes together is a great way for families to stay active while enjoying quality time outdoors. Cycling provides numerous health benefits for both kids and adults, improving cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and endurance. It's also a low-impact activity that's easy on the joints.

When biking with your family, look for safe routes in your neighborhood or at local parks. Seek out paths with minimal traffic where you can comfortably ride side-by-side. For young kids or inexperienced cyclists, choose flat areas without steep hills. Bring helmets for everyone and do a quick safety check of the bikes before heading out.

To make bike rides more interesting, have fun themes for each outing like a picnic ride or adventure ride. Let the kids pick fun destinations like a playground, ice cream shop, or park to bike to. Turn it into a scavenger hunt by making a list of things to spot along the way. Take pictures and make memories during your rides that everyone will want to remember.

6. Swimming and Water Activities

Swimming is one of the most beneficial and enjoyable activities for the entire family. Not only is swimming a great cardio workout that strengthens your heart, lungs, and muscles, but it's also low-impact and suitable for all ages. Being in the water provides a sense of weightlessness that takes pressure off joints and bones. This makes swimming ideal for older family members or those recovering from injuries.

Beyond swimming laps, there are many fun water games and activities families can do together at the pool:

  • Play classics like Marco Polo, water volleyball, or water polo to get everyone moving and competing. You can use pool noodles or kickboards as props.

  • For younger kids, play games like "Shark Attack" where they have to swim away from the adult "shark" trying to tag them.

  • Challenge each other to swim relays, handstand contests, underwater breath-holding competitions, or other friendly races.

  • Use pool toys like dive rings, foam balls, or inflatable rafts to create engaging games of catch, treasure hunting, or obstacle courses.

  • For relaxation, have family floating contests to see who can lie on their back the longest without sinking. Or try synchronized swimming routines.

The pool doesn't have to be all about swimming laps. Turning it into a game makes fitness fun for the whole family! Just be sure to establish safety rules and always watch young children in the water.

7. Obstacle Courses and Fitness Challenges

Obstacle courses are a great way for families to get active together outdoors. You can set up a homemade obstacle course in your backyard using items like hula hoops, pool noodles, jump ropes, and lawn furniture. Make a circuit with stations for climbing, crawling, hurdling, and sprinting. Time family members as they complete the course and have races to see who can finish the fastest.

Local parks are also ideal spots for making DIY obstacle courses. Use benches, trees, playground equipment, and open grassy areas to create a fun fitness challenge. Draw each family member's name and have them race against the clock to finish their course.

Beyond obstacle courses, fitness challenges make for friendly family competition. See who can do the most jumping jacks in a minute or hold a plank the longest. Have relay races where team members take turns sprinting, crab walking, hopping, and bearing crawling. Getting creative with fitness challenges encourages family bonding while burning calories.

8. Interactive Fitness Video Games

Fitness video games provide a fun and engaging option for families to get active together. These interactive games get the whole family off the couch and moving their bodies in a playful way.

Some popular fitness video game options for families include:

  • Just Dance - This popular dance game series features fun pop songs and routines. Players mirror the dance moves on screen and get a workout dancing together.

  • Ring Fit Adventure - This fantasy fitness adventure uses a Pilates ring controller and leg strap to track movement. The whole family can journey through imaginative worlds while jogging, squatting and more.

  • Nintendo Wii Fit - Wii Fit offers yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance games. Families can customize routines and track progress.

  • Zumba Fitness - High-energy Zumba routines set to upbeat music provide a dance workout. Families can have fun dancing together in the living room.

  • Kinect Sports Rivals - For Xbox, these full-body motion games include rock climbing, soccer, bowling and more. Great for getting families off the couch.

The interactive and social nature of fitness video games makes them a great way for families to engage in heart-pumping physical activity together. Combining fitness and play, these games provide quality time for families to connect while improving physical health.


Engaging in fun family fitness activities is more than just a way to stay in shape; it’s an opportunity to create cherished memories and strengthen family bonds. By incorporating these ten enjoyable exercises into your routine, you’ll be fostering a love for physical activity that can last a lifetime.

Remember, the goal is to make fitness a fun and integral part of your family’s life, rather than a mandatory task. By consistently participating in these activities, you’ll inspire a positive, healthy lifestyle that can benefit everyone. So grab your sneakers, gather the family, and start exploring these adventures together. Here’s to many fun, fit, and fabulous family days ahead!

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